Mechanoid Challenge Contest Winners

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First of all we’d like to give a big thank you to all who participated in the Mechanoid Challenge Contest. We loved reading your ideas for seasonal challenges and have picked our favourite five, each winning 15,000 Argents and a chance of their challenge making it into the game itself!

Congratulations to our winners!



Mercy Angel

The Floor is Lava! – Complete the third Mechanoid distortion. Nobody can fail the jumping phase and be hit by the electric ring.

Thee Doctor

  • Can’t Touch This! – Eliminate the Mechanoid boss in the Inghar Test Area. No one must get hit by the electrical balls.
  • Sixth Sense – Eliminate the general of the second distortion without the Oculat finding any sparks.


Andy Phantom

No Fakes – Take down all the fake Secret Oculats before you take down the real one.


Lord Greeny

  • Eliminate the Rethiarius Commander without letting the boss heal.
  • Eliminate the Operative Secutor with nobody being teleported to the middle.


Chaz Mace

Complete the treasure hunt four times in the Invasion region starting at each of the four bases.