What’s New in June 2021

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The Hunters of Terra update drops at the very beginning of the month on June 2 on PC, June 3 for Xbox, and June 4 for PlayStation consoles. The update brings a shiny new class, the Bounty Hunter, as well a new Squad Adventure and new Dungeon. Explore the depths of Terra and unravel the mysteries of this subterranean maze.


The Mechanoids continue their onslaught on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The month of June will see all four distortions become available, as well as the Avatar of the Invasion: The Integrator. Complete quests to earn progress points and get yourself a number of great rewards, including a brand new Divine Form, Cyberpunk-themed cosmetics, and lots more!



The Gorgonides are approaching Aelion, trying to find inspiration for new battle tactics to help them in their own wars. We cannot let Akonita and her underlings be victorious! Until then, progress points to finish up the Phytonide Invasion Pass are available to buy at the in-game Market for Argents so you don’t have to miss any prizes!



Class guides continue to be rolled out, so keep an eye out for those if your favorite class still hasn’t been explored. The new Bounty Hunter will of course be the subject of a guide this month! If there are any guides on classes or in-game mechanics that you’d like to see, feel free to let us know on Discord (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch).

IMPORTANT: The dates and content featured in this article may be subject to change. Please stay tuned to official Skyforge channels for further news and announcements.