Promotion: Ghost of the Past

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Aelinar, the magnificent capital of Aelion, has always been the most secure place in this turbulent world. These walls have withstood enemy attacks more than once, and that is why Aelinar remains an invincible bastion and a symbol of the unbending spirit of its heroes. However, it is here that the immortals first found themselves in grave danger.

Immortals began to be discovered all over the city, unconscious and pale on the ground. Each night brought with it new victims. Forcing them to resurrect helped them recover. But something continued to drain their strength—they could not assume their divine form for a while afterwards.

Flavius is on it but so far he has come up empty. He and his laboratory could desperately use some help.

The Ghost of the Past promotion runs from now until June 16 on Nintendo Switch. Help Flavius solve the mystery to be awarded with a new companion, Qi-Mi.