Lesser Evil Packs

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The Demon Invasion posed a difficult question for the young gods - are they ready to ally themselves with demons and accept a particle of their power? What will be the lesser evil?

From September 22, Lesser Evil Packs will be available for purchase. Get generation 4 legendary weapons for your Paladin and Lightbinder, and many other useful valuables at a good price!

Demonic Power Pack

This weapon is a catalyst for abilities of the small group of mages who were once members of the Lightbinder order. They are certain: desperate times require desperate measures. It is time to stop defending and start attacking. Even if that goes against Aeli’s teachings.

Pack Content
1 Maa’rid, Hidden Rage


medals 5,000 Victor's Medals

stims 20 Stimulants


Astral Rage Pack

The Paladins’ powers can theoretically be replenished with the energy of astral. Two conditions must be met: First, you must be close to an open astral rift. Second, you must be brave and reckless enough to draw the energy directly from the den of an enemy of all living beings. Flavius’s new creation should solve the first problem.

Pack Content
2 Baal and Mot, Demonic Onslaught


credits 1,000,000 Credits

premium21 21 days Premium subscription

stims 10 Stimulants


Legendary Weapon Abilities

Maa’rid, Hidden Rage

The Lightbinder gains an additional ability, Quasar. Quasar creates an energy sphere in the selected spot. It will explode in 4 seconds or when an enemy approaches it, dealing damage to all enemies in the area of effect and pulling them towards it. The explosion creates an astral area which exists for 8 seconds. Within the area, enemies are slowed down by 50% and cannot Dash, taking damage and becoming 4% more vulnerable to incoming damage every second (the effect stacks up to 5 times). The cooldown of the ability is reduced by 2 seconds each time Sparks of Anger are used.

Baal and Mot, Demonic Onslaught

Waves of Wrath reduce the cooldown of Celestial Shield by an amount based on Strength and the number of affected enemies (by 5 seconds maximum). Using Onslaught and Verdict may apply the Distortion effect to the Paladin which resets the cooldown of Waves of Wrath, increases its damage by 100, and makes it instant and free. Using Radiant Aspect is guaranteed to apply Distortion.

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