Hunters of Terra Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 21!

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The hunt is about to begin. Unlock the Bounty Hunter class and discover new Dungeons and Adventures in Hunters of Terra, a free Skyforge update coming to Nintendo Switch on October 21!

The Bounty Hunter joins the roster as Skyforge's nineteenth class, and they’re set to make an explosive entrance! A formidable Area of Effect (AoE) damage dealer, the Bounty Hunter wields a handheld mortar and is armed to the teeth with explosive weapons. Deadly at range and in close combat, they can always rely on their anti-grav and shield gadgets to get them out of a tight spot.


You can take your new class for a spin in a brand-new open region: Terra, a planet hiding arcane secrets and dangerous foes beneath its barren crust. Team up with friends to traverse the Toxic Wasteland, Heart of the City, Terran Rift, and Ancient Trails new Dungeons and Adventures that will take you from Terra’s surface to its darkest depths.


This update will also introduce the Halls of the Elder Gods, a place of divine power where you can use a new resource, Cognition, to unlock Elder God Aspects. Elder God Aspects represent Immortals at the height of their power, and these new forms will allow you to ascend to your full godly potential. Five new Elder God Aspects will be unlockable at the Halls of the Elder Gods, including the Aspect of Vengeance and the Aspect of Magic. Awaken these new forms and wield their almighty abilities as you delve deeper into Terra!


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