Tol-Monter’s Wrath Pack

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Tol-Monter, a monstrous leviathan and Avatar of the Oceanid Invasion, is on a warpath through the once-tranquil planet of Aelion. Show them what Immortals are made of by turning their own technology against them with the Tol-Monter’s Wrath Pack, now available on Nintendo Switch!

Unlock the Alchemist and Monk Classes, arm them with brand-new Legendary Weapons, and send these watery wretches back from whence they came!

Tol Monter’s Wrath Pack is available for 29,999 Argents and contains a wealth of Classes, Legendary Weapons, and bonus currency and Consumables, including:

  • Class Unlock: Alchemist
  • Legendary Weapon: Scylla, Grip of the Depths (Alchemist)
  • Class Unlock: Monk
  • Legendary Weapon: Aquatis, Wave Breaker (Monk)
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 15,000 Knowledge of Enemies

Get yours before December 1 from the Pack section from the in-game Market on Nintendo Switch!