Get the Switch-Exclusive Callsign NX Wings in Founder’s Packs!

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Skyforge is now available to play for free on Nintendo Switch, and there’s a trio of new Founder’s Packs available to purchase from Nintendo eShop!

The Starter, Deluxe, and Ultimate Founder’s Packs are packed with useful and exclusive content like legendary weapons, class unlocks, Founder’s titles, and cosmetics that can’t be found anywhere else. Bring the thunder with the Stormbringer TX-600 Glider, and soar high with the Switch-exclusive Callsign NX Wings, featuring a familiar colour scheme based on the Nintendo Switch’s Neon Joy-Cons!

Pack Content
Starter Founder’s Pack • 3x Legendary Weapons (for the Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder classes)

• 14-day Premium Subscription

• 5,000 Argents

• 75,000 Credits

• Player Title: 'Founder'
Deluxe Founder’s Pack • Class Unlock: Berserker

• 4x Legendary Weapons (for the Berserker, Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder classes)

• Callsign NX Wings

• 30-day Premium Subscription

• 20,000 Argents

• 100,000 Credits

• Player Title: 'Founder'
Ultimate Founder’s Pack • 2x Class Unlocks: Gunner and Berserker

• 5x Legendary Weapons (for the Gunner, Berserker, Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder classes)

• Stormbringer TX-600 Glider

• Callsign NX Wings

• 60-day Premium Subscription

• 40,000 Argents

• 500,000 Credits

• Player Title: 'Founder'

Founder’s Packs are now available on Nintendo eShop!