Community Contest: Love from Above

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While you were busy dispatching enemies and saving the planet, we have perfected the art of love!… or so we’d like to be able to say. As it stands, the goddess of love Thais is still the only one among us who holds all the cards.

Turns out she’s a big believer in the power of poetry, and at the moment she’s really into haikus. This is your chance to impress a goddess with your own wonderful creations!

Share your Valentine's Day-themed haikus with us and Thais’s favorites shall be rewarded!

Her three favorite haikus will receive:

  • One Valentine’s Pack (one of your choice out of the packs shown here)
  • 10,000 Rose Quartz

Three runners up will receive:

  • One Valentine’s Pack (one of your choice out of the packs shown here)


  • Post your submission in the relevant Discord #contest_room: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch.
  • Post your submission before February 21 at 23:59 CET (14:59 PST).
  • All submissions must include your character name, server (NA/EU), and platform (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch).
  • One entry per player—if you wish to submit another haiku, delete your previous entry and submit the new one.
  • Entries must not violate the Game Rules, Community Rules, or User Agreement.
  • Your poem must be a haiku (17 syllables, 5-7-5 scheme).
  • Your haiku must be related to Valentine’s Day and Skyforge in some way.
  • Should these prizes not be available on your platform, suitable alternatives will be offered.

We’ve given an example of a haiku to get your creative juices flowing. Can you guess what it’s about?

Lovers divided
The curse of mortality
The price has been paid