New Legendary Weapon Packs Available until March 14!

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Through victory, legend awaits. Arm your Paladin and Kinetic with new Legendary Weapons, forged using the finest technology at Aelion’s disposal! Featuring exclusive abilities that can push your battle performance to the next level, Oenomaus gives the Kinetic class the best DPS potential in Skyforge, while Cronus and Rhea can boost your allies, reduce cooldown time for your Divine Form, and are extremely formidable weapons in PvP play.

The following Packs are only available via the in-game Market on Nintendo Switch until March 14:

Curve of Time Pack

  • Cronus and Rhea, The Mark of the Past: Legendary Weapons (Paladin)

  • 4,000 Victor’s Medals

  • 10 Stimulants

Combat Optimization Pack

  • Oenomaus, The Unflinching Fighter: Legendary Weapon (Kinetic)

  • 14 Days of Premium Time

  • 500,000 Credits

  • 5,000 Knowledge of Enemies



Use the literal cutting-edge of technology to defend Aelion. This Legendary Weapon grants the following abilities:

  • Verdict is used instantly, reducing the cooldown of Radiant Aspect by 20 seconds and creating a Temporary Noose mark on the main target.

  • Allies’ attacks have a chance to remove the mark. After that, they will deal bonus damage to the target and reduce the cooldown of their ultimate ability by 20 seconds.


Give your enemies a taste of the future. This Legendary Weapon grants the following abilities:

  • Stone Projectile takes 5 times less time to activate but always consumes 100 points of energy.

  • Kinetic Pulse deals 2 times more damage and restores from 10 to 20 points of energy per use.

Victory is in your hands. Get the Curve of Time Pack and the Combat Optimization Pack from the in-game Market between now and March 14, only on Nintendo Switch.