Kinetic Class Guide

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As a DPS (damage per second) class, the Kinetic uses powerful gravity-based barriers and attacks to bury its enemies under rock and rubble.


The idea with Kinetic is to gather enemies together before destroying them quickly with your abilities. Bring as many enemies to you as possible and use Protective Shield (PvE only) to reduce the damage you may take in the process—remember that the shield reduces damage, not negates it altogether. Use Gravity Anomaly to trap them all and follow up with Energy Wave (charge level 3) which will do damage as it lifts them into the air. It deals damage based on the number of enemies it hits, which may not always finish everyone off, so use Seismic Explosion while your enemies are helplessly floating. This ability also deals additional damage for each enemy around you, so be sure to use it on large groups.

This is a good time to look for any enemies you can finish off with Obliteration to instantly recover all of your energy. If there are none, you can use Kinetic Pulse to recover energy if you’re out of it at this point, and wait for Gravity Anomaly to become available again to begin another onslaught.

When facing individual powerful enemies or bosses, start with Kinetic Pulse to apply Kinetic Charge to the enemy. When you have 12 stacks of this, use Gravity Trap (PvE only) and Gravity Anomaly. Unleash the power of both your Stone Projectile (hold down RMB) and Stone Spear (PvE only) in quick succession until you run out of energy, replenish it with Kinetic Pulse (while applying Kinetic Charge to the enemy again), and go back to Gravity Trap so you can continue crushing the enemies with as many rocks as you can fling.

If you become overwhelmed, simply use Luminous Burst to scatter and stun all enemies around you and get some distance. You can catch your breath a little by using Gravity Anomaly to slow oncoming enemies.


The Kinetic benefits the most from damage boosting stats, such as Main Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance.


Ability Description
Protective Shield Protective Shield Creates a field that absorbs 75% of damage taken by the Kinetic, protects their allies against the next portion of incoming damage, and protects both the Kinetic and their allies from finishing strikes. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
Gravity Anomaly Gravity Anomaly Slows enemies down and increases the movement speed of the Kinetic and their allies. Inside the Gravity Anomaly, the Kinetic and their allies can use Dashes for free. Increases the Kinetic’s damage by 40% for 8 seconds. Gravity Anomaly cannot be used against the same enemy more than once every 15 seconds, and damage bonus is applied to all characters of the Kinetic class.
Energy Wave Energy Wave Has three charge levels:

• Inflicts X damage to the selected enemy and knocks them back 15 yards once in 10 seconds.
• Inflicts X damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the character and knocks them back 15 yards one in 10 seconds.
• Inflicts X damage to enemies in a 16 yard radius and stuns them for 4 seconds once in 20 seconds. If the Kinetic has 150 points of energy available, fully charged Energy Wave consumes it and bounces off the enemies struck by it, inflicting additional X damage in a 7 yard radius of each affected enemy. Each enemy may be hit by up to two such Waves.
Seismic Explosion Seismic Explosion The Kinetic flings themselves in the air, dealing from X to X damage to enemies in a 12 yard radius. Damage dealt depends on the number of enemies - the ability will reach its maximum efficiency if the explosion affects 4 or more enemies.
Obliteration Obliteration Inflicts fatal damage. Available when the enemy has a small amount of health left. Restores 100 points of Energy.
Kinetic Pulse Kinetic Pulse Deals X damage. Applies the Kinetic Charge effect which stacks up to 24 times and increases the damage of Stone Projectile. The first time the ability is used in a fight applies 12 levels of Kinetic Charge. Activates companion’s attack.
Gravity Trap Gravity Trap The monster is suspended in mid-air for 8 seconds. All the Kinetic’s attacks inflict critical damage for 8 seconds. If the monster cannot be lifted in the air, its damage to the Kinetic is reduced by 50% for 10 seconds. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
Stone Projectile Stone Projectile When you use the ability, hold down the key to deal X damage to the enemy. When fully charged, it removes up to 6 charges of Kinetic Pulse from the target and deals 10% more damage for each charge. Consumes 80 points of energy. The damage will be reduced if there is not enough energy or if the ability is not fully charged.

Once Stone Spear is unlocked, every second use of Stone Projectile deals X damage and does not consume energy.
Stone Spear Stone Spear Every second use of Stone Projectile deals X damage and does not consume energy. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
Luminous Burst Luminous Burst

The Kinetic is protected by a shield that moves with the Kinetic and inflicts X damage at the end of the run. All enemies in the way get knocked back.

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