Witch/Warlock Class Guide

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The Witch/Warlock is a ranged caster whose primary role is to deal damage. They use their Staff and Talisman to cast black magic and send forth dark energy to bring down enemies.


When facing mobs, Taint (charge level 2) an enemy and then cast Murder of Crows before using Epidemic to spread the curse to others and increase the radius of Murder of Crows. If you need to buy some time, you can slow enemies with Aging and render them helpless with Bewitch (PvE only). You can protect yourself from damage and CC (crowd control) with Dark Ritual, which also restores your Magic.

With full magic again, you’re able to use Transform to switch to the Extermination Stance and unleash a new torrent of curses and plagues. Ring of Fire (PvE only) will bring the pain, and you now have access to Killer Crows, as well as Explosion of Darkness and Extermination, both of which will switch your stance. If someone is still standing, then summon a Racket of Crows to damage and instil fear in them.

Bosses have a slightly different method. Start again with Taint (charge level 2) and Murder of Crows before immediately using Transform to switch to the Extermination Stance. Cast Living Helper to increase Taint damage and switch back to Curse Stance. Reapply Taint and go back to Extermination Stance for a quick Explosion of Darkness. It’ll deplete the last of your energy but you can use Dark Ritual to recover your missing energy and repeat!

The Witch and Warlock have many tricks up their sleeves—so much so that they need not even worry about death! Once every six minutes, the aptly-named Ninth Life will save you from a painful death, make you invulnerable for 10 seconds, and restore all of your health.



The damage-dealing magical pair would do best to build stats like Main Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance.


  Ability Description
Taint Taint Has two charge levels.

Taint: Puts a curse on the enemy that inflicts X damage for 10 seconds. The effect can be stacked up to 3 times.
Triple Taint: Applies all 3 levels of Taint at once, inflicting X damage for 10 seconds.
Murder of Crows Murder of Crows Sends a murder of crows at the enemy that inflicts X damage on the target and all enemies in a 6 yard radius of it for 8 seconds. For each 0.5 seconds that the Murder of Crows effect inflicts damage to three or more targets, the duration of the effect is increased by 0.5 seconds X. The number of crows can be increased with Epidemic.
Epidemic Epidemic Spreads Taint and Aging from the target to its nearby allies. Each of the effects can be spread to enemies only once per their duration. Increases the size of Murder of Crows.
Aging Aging Gradually reduces the movement speed of the selected enemy and prevents them from Dashing. Epidemic can spread the effect to the nearby targets.
Bewitch Bewitch Bewitches the enemies in front of the {Warlock/Witch} for 10 seconds. They slowly move towards the {Warlock/Witch}, unable to do anything else. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
Dark Ritual Dark Ritual Performs a ritual for 5 seconds, restoring 90 points of Magic every second. Reduces damage to {Warlock/Witch} by 90% and makes them invulnerable to control effects for the duration. You can reduce the cooldown by 10 seconds by using Explosion of Darkness.
Transform Transform Changes the {Warlock/Witch}'s stance.
Ring of Fire Ring of Fire Creates a ring of fire with a 8 yard radius that inflicts X damage to enemies for 8 seconds. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
Killer Crows Killer Crows Inflicts damage on the enemy affected by your Taint. Damage is increased if the target is affected by Taint. If the target has three Taint effects, they take X damage. Activates companion’s attack.
Explosion of Darkness Explosion of Darkness Removes all levels of Taint from the target and inflicts damage proportional to the removed levels. 3 Taint effects on the target causes them to take X damage. The remaining damage from Taint is partially compensated. Deals an extra X damage for every Taint effect on the target if their health is below 50%. Reduces the cooldown of Dark Ritual by 10 seconds. Activates companion’s attack. Switches stances.
Extermination Extermination Removes all Taint effects from the enemies around the current target, inflicting damage for each removed effect. If the target has three effects of Taint applied to it, they take X damage. Damage that the removed Taint had yet to inflict is partially compensated. Switches the stance.
Racket of Crows Racket of Crows The {Warlock/Witch} opens a portal that releases a flock of crows that scare enemies, applying 3 stacks of Taint on them, and inflicting X damage.
Living Helper Living Helper Spins the broom around the target for 7 seconds, inflicting X damage and slowing them down. For the duration of the ability, Taint inflicts 5 times more damage to the target. Only works against the target affected by Taint.

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