Berserker Class Guide

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Fueled by sheer rage, the Berserker is a hurricane of might, striking fear—and the metal of their Chainsword—into the hearts of enemies.



Begin your fiery reckoning with the dream team of Destructive Wave (hold down RMB) and Thirst for Battle (PvE only). Enemies will take more damage from you and you’ll do more damage, respectively. Damage them with Firestorm, which replaces Whirlwind every 50 seconds, in an AoE (area of effect) and then continue with Whirlwind until your Rage is depleted.

If you’re still surrounded, use Tectonic Blast (PvE only) to restore your Rage. The more enemies affected, the more Rage you will get. Be mindful though—it will only work if used on at least three foes. If there are still some unfortunate souls left, finish them with Fracture.


Destructive Strike comes first to weaken bosses, followed by Thirst for Battle. Fracture until you can no more, and use Crippling Blow when your Rage has been depleted. When the damage buff from Thirst for Battle has ended, you can use Crushing Throw (LMB x 4) to recover Rage.




The Berserker needs to easily dispatch mobs and bosses, and so should focus on Main Damage, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance.



  Ability Description
Destructive Wave Destructive Wave Inflicts X damage to all enemies in a cone-shaped area with a radius of 25 yards in front of the character and makes them 30% more vulnerable to damage from Berserker's attacks for 25 seconds.
Thirst for Battle Thirst for Battle Increases damage dealt by 40% and Critical Chance by 35% for 10 seconds. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
Firestorm Firestorm Once every 50 seconds Whirlwind is replaced by Firestorm, inflicting X fire damage.
Whirlwind Whirlwind Enemies in front are pulled towards the Berserker, taking X damage. Only the monsters already engaged in the battle will be pulled. You can use the ability while moving.
Tectonic Blast Tectonic Blast Inflicts X damage to all enemies in a 8 yard radius. Restores 100 points of Rage to the Berserker if it hits 3 enemies, and 50 extra points for each affected enemy beyond 3, up to 350 points of Rage for 8 affected enemies. The ability is available in PvE adventures only.
Fracture Fracture InflictsX damage to the selected opponent. Consumes 165 points of Rage.
Destructive Strike Destructive Strike Deals X damage to enemies in a 4 yard radius and makes them 30% more vulnerable to damage from the Berserker's attacks for 15 seconds.
Crippling Blow Crippling Blow Inflicts X damage to the enemy in total (hold down the button) and stuns them for 2 seconds.
Crushing Throw Crushing Throw (IV) Inflicts X damage in total. Fourth attack in the combo. Restores Rage.

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