Skyforge on Switch: FAQ

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We know you’re eager to start your adventure as an Immortal in Skyforge for Nintendo Switch — we’re looking forward to it, too! — so we rounded up some of your most burning questions in the form of this handy FAQ. We’ll be releasing more articles about Skyforge on Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more information!

Q: When will Skyforge be released on Nintendo Switch?
A: Skyforge is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 4, 2021.

Q: Can I play Skyforge for free?
A: Yes! Skyforge will be free to download and play from Nintendo eShop.

Q: Is Skyforge playable on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite?
A: Yes, you will be able to play Skyforge on both iterations of Nintendo Switch.

Q: Is Skyforge compatible with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?
A: Yes!

Q: Will I need a Nintendo Online subscription to be able to play?
A: No, you can play Skyforge for free on your Nintendo Switch without paying for any additional subscriptions.

Q: Can I voice chat with my friends on Nintendo Switch?
A: Yes, you can use voice chat to communicate with fellow Immortals using a compatible headset!

Q: What is the download size of Skyforge on Nintendo Switch?
A: Skyforge requires approximately 23GB of free space on your Nintendo Switch, though future updates may require more space. If you need to, you can expand your Switch’s storage capacity with a compatible microSD card.

Q: Is there any cross-save functionality (can I start playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation and continue playing with the same character on Nintendo Switch)?
A: No, your characters are bound to the platform you created them on. Everyone can enjoy a fresh start on Nintendo Switch.

Q: Is cross-platform play possible (can I play Skyforge with friends who are playing PC, Xbox, or PlayStation)?
A: No. We have different servers for each platform, so if you are playing on Nintendo Switch, you will only interact with Nintendo Switch players in your adventures on Aelion.

Q: Can I play offline?
A: No. Skyforge is an online game and requires a constant, stable internet connection.

Q: Is there a couch co-op mode?
A: Only one player can play Skyforge per Nintendo Switch system, but your friends can join you online on their own Nintendo Switch!

Q: Can I buy Founder’s Packs for Skyforge on Nintendo Switch?
A: Yes! Founder’s Packs will be available from Nintendo eShop when Skyforge is released on Nintendo Switch. Certain Packs will even contain the Switch-exclusive Callsign NX Wings! We will reveal more details about Founder’s Packs before the game launches.

Q: Will I be able to customize the controls?
A: You cannot change the controls directly in Skyforge. However, you can change the button mapping by going to your Nintendo Switch console's 'System Settings', selecting 'Controllers and Sensors', then 'Change Button Mapping'.

Got any questions about Skyforge for Nintendo Switch that we didn’t cover? Reach out on our dedicated Facebook page or Discord server, and our lovely Community Team will be happy to help!