New Distortions and Flagship Have Touched Down

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The Mechanoid Invasion is heating up with the arrival of two new Distortion Generals and the almighty Flagship of the Mechanoids and it’s up to you to show these additional forces that they are not welcome here!

The third and fourth Distortion Generals, Operative Secutor Focus and Retharius Commander Legatus, are now available until the end of the Invasion. For completing them, you will get Epic gear of the current generation—Epic Artifacts from the third one, and Epic Weapons from the fourth. The fourth, Retharius Commander, also gives a Chest of Ancient Gods, which contains a Legendary weapon for your current class. Both Distortions will also drop Marks of the King.

There is also the Flagship, a 5-member Adventure, which is unique and challenging and involves finding your way through the ship and eliminating all enemies in your path. Work together and you’ll discover the right path in no time. Potential rewards for successfully navigating and clearing the Flagship are:


  • Epic Artifact

  • Epic Weapon

  • Equipment Container

  • Marks of Assassin

  • Marks of Judge

  • Marks of Sage


Marks are upgrade materials with which you can increase equipment quality, upgrade items from Epic to Mythic, and improve the integrity of your Mythical equipment. Marks of the King are used for specific pieces of gear.

If you need a quick boost to help you complete these Distortions, consider purchasing the Invasion Pass, which has premium rewards including more Knowledge of Enemies, credits, and Argents.