Community Contest: Prophets of Aelion Winners!

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There are many of you with a gift of both prophecy and poetry! We enjoyed reading through your entries and it took a lot of deliberation to decide on the winners. A few of you lucky winners will have your prophecy end up in the game, so keep an eye out for them come Aelion Day! Without further ado...

First place: Rhorlak Sevenswords wins 20,000 Argents

A distant land that orbits the sky
There fell a quartet of Rethiarii

Second place: Twiggy Emblazened wins 15,000 Argents

In a research facility, overcome with death
A toxic cloud claimed the hero's last breath

Third place: Sir Anarchy wins 10,000 Argents

Where the mightiest immortals stand
They wait for you to extend your hand

Congratulations to the winners!

Because we enjoyed so many of your prophecies, we have also decided to reward some Gold Prize Packs as participation prizes! CodeMonkeysGuy, GREEN_442, Lollys Lii, Paul Siddon, Mercy Angel, Mason Morningstar, joel_st20, and Malina Moon, you will be sent your prize this week, so keep an eye on your bags.

Thank you all for participating and we hope you’re looking forward to Aelion Day, when all Immortals can try and fulfill your prophecies!