What’s New in April 2021

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The gods are feeling mischievous, and have put two pranks in the game for you and your fellow Immortals to find. We’ll be giving away five Invasion Passes, and if your server finds both pranks, Aeli’s blessing will shine down upon you for the whole weekend!


Light some candles, eat some cake, wear a silly hat, because it’s our birthday! April 2021 marks the sixth anniversary of Skyforge and we could not be happier to share it with you. To celebrate with us on all platforms, we bid you take part in our annual Aelion Day event which starts on April 7 on PC, April 8 on Xbox and PlayStation, and April 13 on Switch. Solve and complete prophecies for rewards, and you may even see your own prophecy in the game if you took part in our Prophets of Aelion community contest! There will naturally be some shiny new cosmetics up for grabs for this year’s event too, as well as old favorites.


April 13 is a huge day for Nintendo Switch players with the start of Aelion Day, the Phytonide Invasion, and the massive content update that is Shadow of Aelion! This update brings a brand new region to get stuck into, the moon Thea. This is an uncharted territory and exploration will likely be hazardous—will you risk your life for the coveted Aelerium-9?


The Phytonide Invasion continues on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and begins on Nintendo Switch on April 13. Complete seasonal challenges, defeat formidable flora, and earn some great time-limited rewards. Machavann will be waiting.


More class guides and basics on game mechanics are coming your way in April! As always, feel free to let us know what kind of guides you’d like to see or how we could improve existing guides.

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