Learn the Basics: Hyperion Modules

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With the introduction of Thea to the world of Skyforge on Nintendo Switch, Immortals now have access to Hyperion. Hyperion is a giant satellite with the power to change Aelion with beneficial effects for all.

The top three Pantheons will choose which modules to install to the Hyperion, and the members of those Pantheons can use these effects for free.

These Pantheons will also pick which Aelerium-9 class talents will be on discount, the talents they pick will be able to be purchased by all Immortals at a 90% discount! The top Pantheon will be able to pick three classes which will have discounted talents, the second Pantheon will pick two and the third place Pantheon will pick one class.

How do we select the top Pantheons?

We are basing this information on the prestige of your Pantheon Members, so your players’ combined Prestige will be your Pantheon’s rating—the bigger the Pantheon, the higher your rating.

Please note that we exclude members that have been inactive for more than seven days, and members that joined the Pantheon less than seven days prior to us pulling the rankings.

Who are the top three Pantheons? When will we find out?

On April 29, we are going to pull the list of the top three Pantheons on Skyforge for Switch, according to the criteria above. We will make an announcement and those Pantheons will be the ones making the choice of modules.

Those who don’t belong in the top three Pantheons may pay to lease all modules with Hyperion Lease Contracts (gained from Invasion Passes and various promotions and events) or individual modules with Victor’s Medals.

These modules come in particularly handy during end-game activities such as Avatars and Distortions. You can see which are currently available by opening your character menu, going to the Abilities tab, and picking Hyperion from there. There will be one set of modules to start, with improved modules released later.

The list of available modules is here.

Stay tuned for more announcements about the next steps for the Hyperion modules on Switch!