Skyforge on Switch: Defend Aelion in PvE Adventures

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Since the disappearance of the Great God Aeli, Aelion has been at the mercy of terrible beasts and warmongering armies from across the cosmos. As an Immortal, your combat skills will be put to the test across a range of different PvE modes, with thrilling gameplay ranging from solo adventures to massive, 10-player co-operative battles. From killing mobs to resource farming and even slaying enemy bosses, a host of exciting content awaits you in Skyforge!

Progress through the tutorial to get to grips with the basics of Skyforge, then use the Divine Observatory (the game’s main hub) to delve into a range of different challenges. You’ll need to assemble a team of Immortals to contend with some of them, so invite your friends to get in on the action!



Following the Campaign map from the Divine Observatory will take you through the main story of Skyforge, from Immortal beginnings to your ascension to a fully-fledged God. Progress through the game’s main locations, activities and adventures to grow more powerful and become one of Aelion’s mightiest defenders!


This type of instance requires no more than three players to enter and offers basic rewards. Players cooperating in a Squad instance will typically be exposed to a variety of easy mechanics, enemy bosses, and an additional credit reward upon completion.


Group instances require a maximum of five players to complete. The enemies in Group instances have more resistance to attacks, higher HP, increased damage. Although mobs encountered with Groups are stronger than those in Squads or Solo missions, the additional firepower of two more team members evens the odds. Rewards from Group instances are substantial and are based upon the current Invasion. Completing a Group instance yields an additional reward of Credits.



Party instances feature a wide range of difficult content tailored for advanced players. This content is generally considered to be endgame level and dependent upon players having access to a full arsenal of weapons and advanced abilities. Parties have a player limit of ten, and players cooperating in a party will be exposed to sensitive missions with special rewards and high chances of dropping the best items. The Credits dispersed among party members upon the successful completion of a party instance are substantial, and the rewards gained by players within are scaled to the difficulty of the instance completed.


Regions are open area maps with a bountiful array of quests for new players. To get used to the classes and mechanics related to your character, visit regional maps for a non-stop ride of content guaranteed to deliver until the endgame. Quests in the Regions of Aelion can be repeated without limits and offer rewards ranging from basic to moderate amounts of Credits and Knowledge of Enemies.



Invasions are also coming to Nintendo Switch in the near future. These limited-time game events feature one of six sinister alien races – Phytonides, Gorgonides, Reapers, Mechanoids, Oceanids, and Demons – attacking Aelion, with only the Immortals having the power to fight back. We’ll reveal more details about Invasions, and even more PvE gameplay options like Distortions, after release!


Aelion needs heroes. Prove yourself when Skyforge launches for free on Nintendo Switch from February 4, 2021!

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