Hyperion Modules Result

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The top three Pantheons, sorted by combined member Prestige, have chosen the very first set of Hyperion Modules for Nintendo Switch, as well as which class talents will be discounted. They will be available for all players with the next update, which we will announce soon. For more information on what Hyperion is, how the modules work, and how you can use them, read this article.

The chosen modules and discounted class talents are as follows:

Pantheon Module Talents
Immortals of Aelion Perfect Cover • Soundweaver
• Necromancer
• Berserker
Epic Hyperion's Shield • Alchemist
• Firestarter
Revolt Verdict Lightbinder

The members of these Pantheons can use the module they selected for free. All others may lease all of the modules with Hyperion Lease Contracts (gained from Invasion Passes and various promotions and events) or individual modules with Victor’s Medals. These modules come in particularly handy during end-game activities such as Avatars and Distortions. You can see which are currently available by opening your character menu, going to the Abilities tab, and picking Hyperion from there. There will be one set of modules to start, with improved modules released later.

The chosen class talents will be discounted by a massive 90% for all players permanently, so you have plenty of time to stock up on Aelerium-9!